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    August 2012


To all,

I have unfortunate news to share. Just as Daystar was planning to release fuel cans, I received information on the Blitz Corp, the largest fuel can manufacture in the USA. They finally had to file for chapter 7 protection and are closing their doors after spending in excess of $30 million dollars just to defend themselves in lawsuits. The lawsuits were not due to failure of the cans, but customer misuse, such as throwing gas on open fires. The trial lawyers were able to find a way to even win some of these cases for incredible settlements.

The risk of frivolous law suits and our insurance carrier putting us on notice has forced me to rethink the release of the fuel can. For the time being I am not going to be selling the Red Fuel Cam Cans. I will however place the approved fuel can on the shelf and see how the next company fares against the lawyers. I do wonder who the Trial Lawyers will target next, maybe the retailers because they did not teach them how to properly use fuel cans.

I will keep the rest of the Award Winning and Patented Cam Can line alive and will be releasing the new storage box very soon. As much as I believe this is an awesome addition to our industry, I just can't put our owners, employees, and customers at such a great risk. It saddens me that such a great product is put on the back burner because of consumer irresponsibility and frivolous lawsuits.

For more information check out this informative article from The Wall Street Journal CLICK HERE
Mark Turner

CEO - Daystar Products
Daystar Products International
841 South 71st Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85043
August 1st 2012