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EVS Foam Bump Stops

Welcome to the next generation in bump stop technology!  For the past several years, OE manufacturers have been using a proprietary and highly specialized technology to create extension and compression travel stops that serve as more than just a travel limiter; they are an active part of the suspension’s design and an integral part of overall ride quality.  Daystar’s EVS foam bump stops take this technology to the next level by applying the same incredible properties of foam used by the OEs to a broader spectrum.  Never before has an aftermarket bump stop been able to mimic the superior benefits of foam in a wider range of configurations.

Why foam?  It’s all about spring rate.  With a foam bump stop, there is a progressive rate increase as the foam is compressed, so there is a gradual “cushion” as the suspension compresses a foam stop rather than a huge spike as with conventional stops.  Foam also offers better repeatability, meaning foam can absorb the same forces over and over again without fatiguing and losing its effectiveness over time.  This makes foam an excellent choice for suspensions that rely on bump stops to be a part of the overall spring rate as the suspension cycles.  It’s also “tuneable,” with Daystar offering a softer (red) and a firmer (black) rate to suit individual needs.

Enhanced Vehicle Suspension (EVS) foam jounce bumpers look cool and function even better.  Installed on any conventional shock absorber via a simple tool (sold separately), EVS jounce bumpers allow you to tune your vehicle’s suspension for a better compression rate as your vehicle’s shocks near the bottom of their travel; no more hard bottoming when encountering harsh off-road terrain off-road.  Like all EVS bump stops, the jounce bumpers are available in red (softer) or black (firmer) rates.  

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