Truck, Jeep, Car & UTV Exterior Accessories

Owning a vehicle can be a lot of fun, especially in all the different ways you can modify your rig to make it your own.  The accessories we put on our trucks, Jeeps, cars, or UTVs aren't only functional, but also serve as details that set us apart from the crowd.  They are an expression of our individuality.  And look pretty cool too!


Daystar is an amazing company that provides dozens of exterior accessories for trucks, jeeps, cars, and UTVs. With our online search system simply put in the year, make and model of your vehicle to find the exterior parts you need for your vehicle. You will find a wide assortment of everything compatible with your rig.

Types of Exterior Vehicle/Truck Accessories & Auto Parts 

Daystar is the perfect place to find your new exterior parts. Here are just a few exterior accessories we supply!

  • Front bumpers

  • Hood vents
  • Light bars

  • Camera Mounts

  • Jack handle brackets and isolators

  • Hood latches and pins

  • Roll bar mounts

  • Rock sliders

  • Liquid transfer tanks

  • Much, much more!

DIY Your Exterior Car Accessories

Do it yourself to save time and money with any number of kits we offer.  Not only are you making sure you aren't delayed from being at the bottom of a mechanic's to-do list, but you are also saving the expense of hourly rates.  Plus there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of putting sweat equity into your rig for your next trip out. We have installation guides and kits that require minimal amounts of drilling, cutting, or other invasive work. Browse our collection of exterior car accessories and more here!

Why Do I Need These Parts?

Stock vehicles are fine, but when it comes to taking your vehicle to the next level and challenging its performance, you'll find that stock parts really don't set the bar very high.  Customizing your vehicle allows you to go further and do some technical driving you can really sink your teeth into.  Whether it is increasing performance or just improving the looks of your vehicle, we carry what you need to make it a reflection of your personality, and not just a vehicle anybody else on your block would have. The perfect exterior vehicle truck accessories & auto parts

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Daystar offers these amazing exterior vehicle parts and more. We also have a great warranty and return policy on all our parts. We are so confident you'll love what we have that customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Shop with Daystar for all your UTV needs! The perfect part for your vehicle is just a few clicks away!