Daystar's Universal Shock Boots

We don't have to tell you that shocks are a critical part of any suspension system.

Daystar designed the perfect covers to protect your shocks from exposure to contaminants, chemicals, and nature.

While driving, your shock rod travels up and down in response to any bumps in the road or on the trail you drive over.

Whem your shock absorber extends, your shock rod will be exposed to both the elements and various debris. 

Daystar's universal shock boots are made of polyurethane and proven to hold up against physical stres and corrosive contaminants.

Have confidence on the trial with a set of Daystar's shock boots protecting your shock rod.

Available in a variety of colors, you can add color to your suspension while simultaneously protecting it.

For an added bonus Daystar covers all of their products with a lifetime warranty amd make everything right here in the USA.


Daystar offers these amazing parts and more. We also have a great warranty and return policy on all our Daystar lifts and parts. We are so confident you'll love what we have that customer satisfaction is guaranteed!  Shop with Daystar for all your UTV needs! The perfect part for your vehicle is just a few clicks away!