Daystar Leaf Spring Bushings

Daystar's Polyurethane Leaf Spring Bushings hold your leaf springs in alignment better than OE rubber to keep your axle and wheels rolling in the right direction.

You've heard a bang or clunk when going over rough terrain or steering wander after hitting a bump then you're experiencing symptoms of worn or damaged leaf spring bushings.

If you have a 4x4 rock crawler or work truck these bushings are more significantly important to the longevity of your vehicle. Leaf springs cushion your vehicle against bumps and vibrations of everyday driving and stock rubber bushings maintain that cushion for a while, but they eventually wear out and allow the leaf springs to shift.

Daystar manufactures firmer polyurethane bushings that provide some give but hold their shape much longer compared original rubber and keep your leaf springs where they need to be.


Daystar offers these amazing parts and more. We also have a great warranty and return policy on all our Daystar lifts and parts. We are so confident you'll love what we have that customer satisfaction is guaranteed!  Shop with Daystar for all your UTV needs! The perfect part for your vehicle is just a few clicks away!